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Root car insurance uses app-based technology and offers affordable coverage to drivers with safe driving habits

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What We Know About Root

Founded in 2016, Root is the nation’s first and only app-based car insurer. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Root leverages technology in smartphones and serves customers based on how they drive. The company uses an easy-to-use mobile app to measure the driving behavior of the driver. This way they can calculate the risk profile of each driver separately.

Root only insures safe drivers and offers them the most affordable car insurance rates. Any driver who is looking for a Root car insurance has to complete a short test drive, this test drive score can influence your auto insurance rates. Though Root is new to the market, it has good financial strength.




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Features & Services

Root car insurance is an app-based car insurance provider that determines insurance rates based on your driving habits. Though a newbie to the market, Root offers super affordable policies to customers with a safe driving habit. The key feature of Root car insurance is the entire insurance experience is based on the app and there are no agents involved in the process. Discounts are automatically added to your policy and you do have to ask for it. With Roots, you can save up to 52% on your car insurance.

Root car insurance also offers free Roadside assistance to all its customers. It also offers rental coverage or lyft reimbursement. The company also encourages referral programs and free Lyft rides on holidays. The company also offers discounts for Tesla Autopilot vehicles and has a faster and easier claim process.

  • 24/7 service
  • Enhanced towing
  • Mobile app
  • Roadside assistance
  • Online account management
  • Flexible / convenient payment

Optional Coverage

  • Complete TickRental Reimbursement
  • Complete TickRidesharing Coverage
  • Complete TickSR-22 Coverage
  • Complete TickGlass Coverage
  • Complete TickGap Insurance
  • Complete TickRoadside Assistance
  • Complete TickComprehensive Claim Forgiveness

Root Car Insurance FAQs

Does everyone on my policy have to complete a test drive?

It is not mandatory for every one added in your policy to take a test drive. But the company encourages everyone to take a test drive.

How can Root Insurance keep its rates so low?

Root measures customers driving behavior while determining insurance rates (except for California). The app-tracked test drive monitors how often/hard you brake, turn and accelerate and based on these your insurance rates will be determined. By not insuring high-risk drivers, Root deals with lesser claims and offer insurance rates at a lower rate

How does the Root app know if I’m the passenger or driver?

Root uses high-end technology to calculate auto insurance rates. The company claims that it can determine who is on the driver seat based on your phone’s orientation, location, speed, and GPS. In case if the app fails to determine it automatically, you can correct it manually in the app.

How does the Root referral program work?

Root car insurance encourages referral programs. You can share a referral link to your friends via email or phone. If your referral takes test drives and accepts the insurance then both of you can earn $10 to $100 through gift cards, PayPal, Visa prepaid cards, or bank account transfer.

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